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What is Cmail?

  • Cmail is an email marketing network, designed specifically for the commercial real estate industry
  • Recipients (professionals, users, tenants, investors, etc.) set preferences to receive messages based on their interests
  • Senders create e-brochures and send HTML email to target audiences with matching preferences

How is Cmail different from traditional broadcast email?

Cmail differs from traditional email in numerous ways, including:

  • Broadcasts to tens of thousands of recipients with matching preferences
  • Sends messages in an attractive format with embedded photos, graphics, and links
  • Allows you to track responses to messages sent, and capture leads
  • Works with Internet Service Providers to ensure delivery
  • Is CAN-SPAM compliant and offers recipients convenient methods to unsubscribe or change preferences

For specific details, visit the Features page

How does Cmail differ from other e-marketing services?

  • Integrated with Catylist. Import your listing data to Cmail in a single click, or design your Cmail from scratch
  • More contacts. Cmail maintains its own network of tens of thousands of users—significantly more qualified recipients than rival services
  • Better format. Choose from a variety of attractive templates, or create your own to fit your company’s brand image
  • Enhanced Tracking. Track responses and capture leads from web-based inquiries
  • No Flash animation. We firmly believe that motion graphics, audio soundtracks, and large file attachments do not work well with email marketing

Does it cost money to receive Cmail?

Does it cost money to send Cmail?

  • Yes, Cmail marketing is a fee-based service.
    • Send your brochure to tens of thousands of national, regional, or statewide prospects
    • Track the results; maintain CAN-SPAM compliance
    • Standard Cmail pricing is as follows:
    • Non-property Cmail pricing is as follows:
    • Corporate Value Pricing is available. Contact us for more information.
    • Custom Design Services are also available - only $100. Let our designers create a custom Cmail based on your specifications. You can advertise up to 8 properties in a single Cmail.

Who receives my Cmail messages?

  • Cmail has over 100,000 recipients and is growing daily
  • Recipients include commercial real estate brokers, owners, investors, users, tenants, and other allied professionals
  • Recipients receive messages based on their preferences for specific locations, property types, and transactions
  • Senders are provided recipient list estimates prior to sending messages

How long does it take to send a Cmail message?

Once an order has been completed, e-brochures are distributed within 1-5 days.

Can Cmail messages be customized beyond the standard templates?

  • Company-branded headers may be uploaded for free and used with the standard templates
  • You can also upload your own HTML at no additional cost. File size must be 700 pixels wide.
  • Custom Cmail design services are available for only an additional $100.

How does response tracking work?

  • Cmail tracks click-thrus from the various links embedded in each e-brochure
  • On a daily basis, the results are provided to the sender in an Activity Report
  • Aggregate response metrics are provided; individual contact information is not included
  • Activity Reports are updated for 21 days following initial distribution

Can I send to my own contact list?

Presently, this feature is not available via Cmail. Once you have placed an order, however, you may opt to save e-brochures to your computer, and send them to your own contacts as an HTML attachment

Can I import data from Catylist CIEs, and SiteLink?

  • Yes. To get started, simply login and create a new Cmail message. The listings from your Catylist account will be automatically displayed. To auto-populate key data fields into your e-brochure, click Get Started.
  • If your Catylist account isn’t linked to Cmail, this feature will not work. Please contact Customer Support and we’ll help link the accounts together

Can I import data from other sources to Cmail?

This feature is not currently available.

How does Cmail relate to Catylist?

  • Cmail is a subsidiary of Catylist Consulting, Inc., a leading real estate information services provider
  • In addition to-Cmail, Catylist delivers CIE solutions to 40+ local markets
  • For more information, please visit:

How can I retrieve or reset my password?

  • Go to
  • Click the Forgot Password link
  • Your password will be sent to your email address

How do I unsubscribe or change preferences?

  • Visit
  • Login to your account and click Set Cmail Preferences
  • Change your preferences or completely unsubscribe from Cmail
  • or Click the Change Preferences / Unsubscribe link from any Cmail message
  • Need help? Contact Customer Support

How do I create a Cmail account?

Create a free account by visiting:

How do I change my password?

How do I change my email address?

How do I contact technical support?

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